4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

No one likes to think about the mishaps that could occur during a trip to your dream country or even a small vacation you are taking to spend some quality family time. It is always better to consider taking travel insurance before going away as it can save you from having to cut a huge hole in your bank account during your trip. Travel insurance is not an investment; it is simply taken for your peace of mind when you are in an unknown land far, far away from home.

  1. Your domestic insurance doesn’t cover you!
    You may be of the mindset that your domestic insurance will serve as travel insurance and you have nothing to worry about. But the Canadian government itself advises you to buy the best travel insurance before leaving the country as their insurance doesn’t cover you beyond the territorial limit. You definitely do not want to end up in a foreign country with no insurance to cover your medical bills!
  2. Trip cancellation is much less of a headache!
    Sometimes you may have to cancel your trip and the company you have planned your trip with may not be able to provide you with refunds. There is a lot of time in between the planning process and the actual departure for your trip. Buying a travel insurance which will cover your cancellation issues is a smart move and this is the most common kind of insurance.
  3. Medical expenses are easier to cover!
    It may be that when you are traveling and happen to indulge in a foreign cuisine, you find out that you are allergic to one of the ingredients or it doesn’t suit your system. At such a time, you need to seek medical help. While consultation with a doctor isn’t that expensive, an overnight stay in a hospital could actually prove to be extremely so. If you have taken travel insurance, the expenses can be covered easily.
  4. Staying a little longer will not be that bad an idea!
    Travel insurance packages can be formed in such a way that in case you have to stay a little longer than you had originally intended, it will not cause a hole in your pocket. Natural disasters, hurricanes, and storms, trip interruptions or a medical reason can force you to extend your stay. Hence it is better to have insurance to cover your expenses.