5 Things That Must Be A Part Of Super Visa Insurance Checklist

Super Visa Insurance

Super visa insurance is one of the main requirements for obtaining a super visa. This visa is a term plan of sort for immediate ancestors of residents of Canada. With this plan they are able to visit their children for a period of two years without having to pay or apply for a visa every time they enter the country. They can stay for a period of two years entirely or they can visit multiple times during the period. The super visa insurance plan allows the entrants or visitors to be covered for medical expenses during their stay. While there are certain rules which are specified in the rules and regulations for super visa insurance, a good plan with benefits has to be found by you. These are five items your super visa insurance plan must provide:

  1. It should meet the minimum coverage.
    There is a limit for the minimum coverage of super visa insurance set by the Canadian government. This limit must be met by the plan. It is acceptable to get a plan for a higher rate as well but that depends on your stay and your financial position. The minimum coverage is a hundred thousand dollars and all super visa insurance plans start at this rate.
  2. It should be taken from a provider in Canada.
    The super visa insurance plan must be availed from an insurer or provider who is functioning from Canada. This helps improve the economical status of the insurance industry in Canada. It also allows you to cover more expenses and in case there is an emergency you can also avail the insurance services much faster. Some insurance services will even have ties with certain hospitals which could give you more benefits.
  3. It should cover you for at least one year.
    The super visa insurance plan must cover you for a period of one year at the very least. There are plans in the market which allow you to pause payments for your stay if you leave at any time before one year and resume when you re-enter. This allows you to gain full benefits from the plan and also make sure you are paying the right amount of premium.
  4. It should refund you if you are rejected.
    Make sure that your super visa insurance plan allows you to get a hundred percent refund if you are rejected for the visa. If the plan doesn’t allow you to do so, you could be looking at heavy losses as the basic requirement is a hundred thousand dollars. Hence, it is better to get a refundable plan.
  5. It should be renewable quickly.
    The basic plan covers you for a total of one year. If you plan to stay for more than a year then it is better to renew your super visa insurance plan immediately. This could prevent you from facing problems and also give you a safety net. It is not necessary that you buy the plan from the same vendor.