5 Travel Insurance Myths Debunked

Travel Insurance Mississauga

All your bags are packed, your itinerary is made, and you are super excited to start on this journey you have been planning for months now! But, let me stop you right there. You are forgetting one very crucial item. No, you haven’t left the stove on or forgotten to lock the door. You have forgotten to take a travel insurance. You’re probably thinking that this is not a big thing and you haven’t really missed out on much. You may also be thinking that you have actually saved money. But let us debunk some myths on travel insurance which would explain why not spending on a travel insurance plan could really cost you!
1. It’s for the thrill seekers: While they do require it a tad bit more, this is really not true. Yes, they will be in situations where they could get hurt more often than you, but what if you lose your wallet? Or what if your brand new expensive camera that you bought just for the trip gets stolen? All of these aspects can also be covered by travel insurance easily. It is a really good security not just for your life but also your belongings.
2. I can use my health insurance plan: No, you really can’t. Most provincial plans do not work outside of the province and even if they do, they have very limited coverage. If you are stuck in a situation where you need to pay a huge amount for some sort of urgent operation, you will have to pull most of it from your pocket. All of this trouble and pain can be avoided by simply getting a travel insurance plan. It would ensure you are covered at all times.
3. Airlines will cover cancellation: Airlines usually do not cover any cancellations and delay fees. The maximum an airline will do is put you on the next available flight to your destination. If you opt for a travel insurance plan, on the other hand, it can get you coverage for all of this. This can ensure that you are not stuck in an unknown place dishing out a thousand dollars to come back home.
4. All insurance policies are the same: This is a very common myth but the most untrue of the lot. Travel insurance policies can be customized to your needs and depending on your trip. Every travel insurance policy requires you to determine whether you want only your medical costs covered or if you want to add baggage and trip cancellation while throwing in facilities for evacuation and theft relief. It is a weapon which you can use to ensure your security.
5. The process is just not worth it: For many people travel insurance seems like such a hassle to get. But with an insurance broker like Harpreet Puri, it becomes a walk in the park. There are a lot of procedures involved and a lot of paperwork to go through. But you can leave it to Harpreet!