How Do I Apply for Parent and Grand Parent Super Visa?

You can have a Super Visa Insurance within 8 weeks of your application if you follow the right instructions and have the right guide. Most of them are laid down below for you and are significant to be kept on mind while applying for the Policy.

Invite Your Parents and Grand Parents

Before you begin your application, you need to send a letter to your parents and gran parents inviting them to pay you a visit in Canada. The letter must also include your word that you will take in charge of accommodating and taking care of your parents and grand-parents during the visit. A copy of this letter will later be filed in the application.

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Maintain a Stable Income

One of the most important basis on which you will be granted the approval is your financial stability in the past three years. Apart from the stability, there is also a minimum income that you must be earning every year. This minimum income is calculated on the number of member included in “family”. Here, family is calculated as you, your spouse, any dependent living with you and the number of members you plan to cover under Super Visa Insurance.

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Get a Medical Insurance

One more mandatory document you need to attach in your Super Visa Insurance application is a medical insurance covering the applicants of the policy. As you know, up to four applicants can be covered under a single Super Visa Policy i.e., both your parents and both your grand-parents. Hence, all the applicants need to secure a medical insurance, mandatory from any Canadian Insurance company, with a coverage of at least $100,000 valid for at least a year from the day of arrival.

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Visit an Insurance Broker

A fixed list of the minimum requirements can be easily listed on any site or page, but the process requires much more. The economic and social state of your parent’s home country will also be taken into consideration during the process. To make the best of your documents, it is important to hire a professional who  knows the requirements in and out and has an everyday experience in handling Super Visa Insurance Application.

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