Can Super Visa Insurance be Extended?

Super Visa Insurance introduced back in 2011 is one of the most significant policies for the immigrant turned residents of Canada. Such residents having their parents and grand-parents living in other countries can now free themselves from waiting among the other visa applicants and have a separate evaluation of their own.

Super Visa Insurance Offers Considerable benefits for their Applicants when Compared to the Regular:

Longer Stay in Canada
Multiple Entries without reapplying
Multiple People Under a Single Application

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Longer stay in Canada refers to a whole 2 year stay permit rather than a 6 month stay in case of an regular travel insurance. Multiple entries refers to the innumerable number of times the parents can arrive in Canada to complete this two year stay cumulatively. And the last but not the least, multiple people under a single application refers to both the parents and both the grand-parents of the resident being eligible to be covered under a single visa document.

Require a Super Visa Insurance Renewal Immediately?

What Happens After I complete my Two Years of Stay?

The most common concern of the applicants is that, what happens after their parents or grand-parents complete their two year stay? Will they have to apply for a regular insurance now?

Well no, a super visa insurance is valid up to 10 years from approval. Within 10 years the parents are allowed to make multiple visits and stay for up to 2 years cumulatively. After completing this long a stay, the visa just needs a renewal check-up to document if all the conditions mentioned during the application are still valid and applicable.

It is better to renew the visa while it is still valid to allow you to continue your stay while you are in Canada while finishing your 2 year tenure. Harpreet Puri is one of the best Insurance brokers who can give you a quick and easy renewal process and help you continue your pleasant stay in Canada.


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