Cancer –Destroying your body, destroying your life 

How cancer can be a financial disaster

Imagine you have your whole life planned ahead of you. You want to travel the world, you want to start your dream business, or you just want to live to a ripe old age. However, the end starts with a tiny twinge of pain. When the pain grows and you go see the doctor, you get news that destroys your life. You’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

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Cancer has the potential to cripple and destroy not just your body, but your entire life, metaphorically and financially. You start a traumatic string of cancer treatments, such as surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Each session burning a bigger hole in your wallet and depleting you of any hard earned assets and resources you have accumulated. And if that is a success, you continue with a whole range of medicines you can’t even pronounce and after care treatments that make you want it all to end. You can’t even get back to your active life immediately. And none of these circumstances can be supported by your income.

Don’t let this happen to you or any of your family member?

You may consider yourself secure due to the critical illness or disability insurance you have been paying for your whole life. But that peace of mind may be ripped from you because the insurance company decided to not honour its policy, pointing to an alleged pre-existing condition as a loophole.
And finally, in a country that promises care for its sick, you will be forced to file for personal bankruptcy. All because of a disease that is essentially your body betraying you.
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