What is considered a disability in Canada?

What is considered a disability in Canada?


If at a point in your life you are not able to support your family due to a medical condition, you may opt for disability insurance to cover financial expenses. At Harpreet Puri Insurance we offer such policies to anyone who have been diagnosed with a physical or medical condition which inhibits them going to work or performing routine activities. Contact us for more details, we look forward to serving you. Below is a list of disability conditions that the Canadian government recognizes. Read on to find out more.

What does the Canadian government consider as disabilities?

Well, the Canadian government categorizes disabilities in two classes, the first being mental disability and second being a physical disability.

Now, mental disabilities are difficult to recognize, however, if a person is suffering from severe depression or anxiety, it can severely affect their health let alone their work. Also, if a person is born with a mental disability or develops a condition later in life they are also eligible for disability insurance.

Coming to physical disabilities, this topic covers a wide range of problems. Starting from difficulty in speaking and hearing to walking and bladder problems, anything that affects your physical well-being. A person diagnosed with such a condition may find it difficult to find or keep a job. The disability can be due to a tragic accident or due to other health problems as well. The Canadian government does recognize these problems which make the affected person eligible for disability insurance.

For your ease, below is a list of disabilities the Canadian government recognizes. Have a look.

AddictionsColitisFibromyalgiaLearning Disabilities
AD/HD Coronary Artery DiseaseGender Identity DisorderMultiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s DiseaseCri-Du-Chat SyndromeHearing DisordersMental Illness
AutismDementiaHepatitis CParkinson’s Disease
Bipolar disorderDepressionHypermobility SyndromePersonality Disorder
Borderline Personality DisorderDowns syndromeIrritable Bowel SyndromeQuadriplegia
Chromosome AbnormalityEpilepsyInability or Trouble FeedingSchizophrenia


This is not the entire list, but if you or anyone you know is suffering from these conditions, you or they can apply for a Disability insurance. You can claim up to 85% of your income which can help you with your monthly expenses. For more details, call us.