How Critical Illness Insurance Simply gives you a Better Sleep at Night.

Critical Illness Insurance

A Critical Illness Insurance policy is much more than what meets the eye. We all are aware that Critical Illness Insurance is a plan to cover the risk of being affected by a critical illness and avoid a financial strain affecting the family. But is this the only benefit a Critical Illness Insurance policy provides you? There are many people out there who are not aware of the detailed benefits of the policy and how availing one can give you a better sleep at night. Critical Illness Insurance is an optimal combination of Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, and even Mortgage Insurance.

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Diseases or Illnesses Covered
All your major unforeseen concerns such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Kidney failure, Major Organ transplant, Paralysis, Alzheimer’s or even Blindness is covered under your Critical Insurance Policy. These illnesses can affect your family in multiple ways and this policy simply prevents the most crucial strain which is the inability of meeting the necessary amenities.

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All You Can do With the Lump sum Credited
Sometimes, medical expenses are not all that is to be covered during an illness. Many other expenses strike in and also in case you are a working individual, the loss of your income also is to be compensated. The lump sum received in Critical Illness Insurance can be used to repay any of your unfulfilled financial obligations, be it tuition fee or a mortgage premium.

What If You Don’t Get Affected By any Critical Illness?
Covering the risk of an uncertainty, there are also chances that you may never be affected by any critical illness throughout your lifetime. Hence in case of your demise, the premiums paid towards your Critical Illness Insurance will simply be refunded to your dependents. It covers as a Life Insurance policy here.

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