How Easy Can Availing a Super Visa Insurance be?

Super visa insurance GTA

Super Visa Insurance is a multiple coverage policy where you can cover both your parents as well as grand-parents within the same plan. For applying for a Super Visa Insurance you have to begin by inviting your parents or grandparents for paying you a visit and hence having them require a visa for their travel. A Super Visa Insurance is a policy which enables the visitors to be covered for a multiple number of situations under a single policy. For being eligible for Super Visa Insurance, you as a host must express a financial stability in your financial statements for three consecutive previous years. As a host, you also have to submit a declaration stating that you may ensure the accommodation and the well being of your visitors.

Super Visa Insurance is an efficient way for every Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is having his/her parents or grand-parents living outside Canada, to reunite with them. This policy enables complete medical coverage for your visitors. There are a few conditions that are to be met by you as a host and your visitors, such as a relevant purpose of visit, a positive relation of visitors with their home country, a medical insurance coverage from a Canadian Insurance company, a mandated medical test and a few others. Once you begin the process it can take about three to six weeks to avail it. To keep it quick and non-tedious you can have the required medical tests and statements ready and handy. This will enable the application to be whole and complete, which would prevent any re-submission issues.

Having been an expert at Super Visa Insurance for a decade now, we have a well-equipped system to have your requirements met with all details. Contact us and make your first step towards meeting your parents and we shall guide you for the rest.