About Us


The sole purpose of our venture to provide you a specialized guidance and advice for investing in various insurance schemes. To sum it up we here are aiming to prove our Best Insurance Advice for your and your family’s welfare.

Our constructive consistency in providing a variety of products and services against your risks by giving the right Insurance Advice. We work hard and aim at providing the same efficiency every year and for your welfare and wellbeing.

Having a customer base that has advanced over the past 20 years, we are aware and well versed with your expectations from a good insurance adviser and are willing to answer every query and assist every step of yours towards your desired goal.

Having the right insurability is a basic necessity before applying for an insurance. Like in the case of life insurance, the Insurance Risk is high for a person for an age above 50. At the same time, the Insurance Interest becomes high in case of House Insurance against Natural Disasters. Here an Insurance Adviser can assist you to find the right and necessary insurance for you.

As a reputed Insurance adviser we aim to provide you with our best facilities and put it on display all available products and help you pick the correct and suitable scheme for you.


Harpreet Puri is a well certified Insurance Adviser and Mortgage qualifier with a constructive consistency for almost 10 years. She is recognized as one of the most pinnacle Insurance Brokers in GTA, Ontario. Bearing the right technical knowledge of all formalities and applicable legalities, we can help you get the right Insurance Advice that you are looking for. Out of the many products available in the market an Expert Insurance Broker is a necessity if you want to have a quick and efficient plan to fulfill your purpose.

We aim to provide you the right product knowledge which you look for in a Proficient Insurance Adviser. Other than Super Visa Insurance, we also have a proficiency in Life Insurance.
Having chosen us, we can assure you as well as insure you with our best.