How To Know About Your Eligibility For Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance Mississauga

As beneficial the policy is, super visa insurance is hard to qualify for without professional guidance. There are various criteria to be fulfilled even before applying for the super visa insurance. We can help you and make your process rather simple with our expertise and make your super visa insurance avail to you. The following are a few aspects that are to be fulfilled for the super visa insurance qualification.


-Host eligibility

Here, the host refers to the citizen of Canada whose parents or grandparents are planning their visit. The host is required to have a constant financial stability to ensure an efficient stay for the visitors. The financial stability will be determined on the basis of the number of family members dependent on the host. Here, the term family includes host’s spouse, children living in Canada an the visitors who are planning to visit the host. Higher the number of members in the family higher should be the income of the host. The stability is based on the financial records of the previous three years.


-Visitor eligibility

The Visitor here refers to the parents or the grandparents of the Canadian citizen for whom the super visa insurance is being opted for. They are required to be covered under a medical insurance bought from a Canadian insurance company for at least one year from the day of their arrival. They are prohibited from engaging in any employment or professional practice within Canada during the period of the Super Visa Insurance. The visitors are required to qualify the immigrant medical examination as per the legal rules. The visitors are also required to present a reason for return which would ensure their stay in Canada to be temporary. Example, a proof of dependence of the visitors in the home country qualifies as a reason to return.


-Purpose eligibility

The application process of super visa insurance begins with a copy of the letters sent by the host to the visitors requesting them to visit. The application process shall not go ahead without this document. It is important to state the purpose of visit in the invitation letter. It is also important to state the status of the home country (the country of the visitors) as stable. This ensures that the purpose of the visit is not to get away from the home country due to an economic or social crisis there. Also, the relation between the visitors and the home country should not be of negative status.