How much income is required for Super Visa?

How much income is required for Super Visa?

If you have brought your parents to live with you then you should be able to support them financially. That means you should have a stable income and the paperwork to prove it. If you are applying for it for your parents, keep the documents ready because you will have to submit them during application formalities. For more details, contact Harpreet Puri Insurance.

A brief on Super Visa Insurance

Your parents’ visa is about to expire and it’s Christmas time. Do you really want to spend the holidays running around the visa office? Choose Super Visa for your parents and resolve all their Visa problems.

The main difference between regular visa and Super Visa is with regular visa, you have to renew it every 6 months else your parents would have to move back to their home country, but with Super Visa, that period extends up to 2 years. It offers multiple entries which mean not only your parents but also your grandparents would be covered under this insurance scheme. The visa is valid for up to 10 years. This basically means that they can visit you whenever they want, however, they can only stay with for a maximum of 24 months.

What are the criteria?

Just like other visa policies, Super Visa comes with its own set of rules and requirements that you and your parents &/ grandparents have to meet. Some of them are listed below:

  • Your parents/grandparents should be in good terms with their home country and they should declare that they are not coming to Canada for a permanent stay.
  • They should pass the medical test and must have life insurance from a Canadian company
  • You have to draft a formal invitation that your parents would be staying with you and submit when you are applying for the visa
  • You should have a stable income

Have a look at the table below for a better understanding of how much your income should be:

Size of family Minimum income
1 person$24,949
2 persons$31,061
3 persons$38,185
4 persons$46,362
5 persons$52,583
6 persons$59,304
7 persons$66,027


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