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You would have heard how important it is to buy travel insurance when you are going abroad! But do you need it when you travel within Canada as well? Find out below!

Travel insurance is a boon that could save you from multiple shocks when travelling not just abroad but also within the country itself! The idea that the Canadian provincial health insurance plans cover all your medical and travel needs within the country is false and not opting for travel insurance when you visit another province could harm you gravely in terms of money and otherwise!

There have been many incidents which have proven time and again that the purchase of travel insurance for travel even within the country is important! One such incident, which has been quoted many times, was of Mrs. Amy Savill. Her story showcases how much a simple act of not buying travel insurance can truly cost.

While vacationing in Ontario, she went into labor prematurely and had to be transferred to a facility in Sudbury which was better equipped to handle such a delivery. Delivering a child should have been a joyous moment, but it was marred by the hefty bill presented to her for the air ambulance used to transport her.

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Knowing what is covered, what you should buy additional cover for and how you can save yourself from such shocks is important!

What your provincial insurance doesn’t cover:

• Prescription drugs
• Air ambulance
• Missed flights
• Loss of luggage

And so much more. The insurance provided by the Canadian government covers things such as doctor’s appointments, small duration stays at the hospital but not much else. Not buying travel insurance could leave you high and dry and with empty pockets if any of these expenses come your way!
Why we suggest buying travel insurance even if you travel in Canada:

• No shocks
• Easy to cover costs
• Access to better care and facilities
• No loss

Canadians travel in large numbers within the country and very few of them even bother to take out travel insurance. Flights, hotels, day to day expenses when on vacation can amount to quite a large sum which may not be easy to foot if there is no proper backup.

Cancelled flights, last minute changes in hotel, loss of luggage can all end up costing you more than the trip itself. But there is a way to prevent this and with a right insurance broker you can even get the best deals!

While Mrs. Savill had somewhat of a happy ending with the government working out a way to help her pay off these hefty expenses, most of us might not be as lucky. Precaution is always better and its easy to get it! All you need to do is get travel insurance before you travel!

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