Parents Visiting Canada Soon- Plan Your Visitor Insurance

Parents Visiting Canada Soon- Plan Your Visitor Insurance - Super Visa Insurance

It’s difficult for families to start apart, especially around the holiday season. Moreover, if your parents or grandparents live abroad, then it would be more difficult for them to come here and stay for a long time. With a regular visa, the maximum stay period would be only 6 months which may seem like a lot of time but isn’t. The Canadian government resolved this problem by introducing the Super Visa Canada policy, as with this visa the stay term has been extended for 2 years and that visa itself is valid for 10 years before it needs to be renewed.

However, you should know that this has become a very popular policy amongst migrated Canadians and that’ why, if your parents are coming to Canada, you or they might need to apply a bit early so the paperwork is processed as quickly as possible.

Always avoid the rush

One of the major reasons why the Canadian government introduced the Super Visa Canada scheme was to clear the huge backlog that had been created by previous visa applications. However, since this policy has also gained popularity, it takes some time to process the paperwork for this scheme as well. That is why you should always plan ahead when you’re thinking of putting in an application for your parents or grandparents. The thing that you should start with is to ensure that your family members meet all the criteria to be eligible for this policy, which means:

  • They should declare that will not seek permanent residence in this country (Canada)
  • They should have an insurance policy worth $100,000 valid for a year from a Canadian country
  • They should pass the immigration health examination
  • They should declare the social, economical and political status of their home country

Alongside, you will also have to draft a formal letter of invitation and submit your work appointment letter with the date of joining as well as your payslips. This is submitted to validate whether you will be financially able to support your family members during their stay here. If you have some queries, feel free to get in touch with your local visa professional.

Pros of this policy

  • It is valid for ten years
  • It is a multiple-entry visa
  • You can stay in Canada for two years on a single entry
  • The insurance clause can take care of all your emergency medical expenses
  • The renewal process is also hassle-free
  • Your family members will have enough time to spend with you

We hope this blog post has given you some clarity on how Super Visa Canada works, before filling up, if you’re not sure, always ask for the help of a professional who knows all the answers for this type of scheme.

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