Reasons Why Super Visa Insurance Can Be The Best For You

Super Visa Insurance

As super visa insurance is a government originated a policy, it can be availed by many lenders with ease. What can seem complicated is its approval. With multiple conditions to be fulfilled, most applicants find it quite tedious. This is where an insurance broker comes to a great help. Harpreet Puri has an expertise in super visa insurance with years of experience and detailed market knowledge. Super visa insurance not only is an insurance for travel, but also has many other benefits attached to it, when compared to a general travel insurance, and this makes super visa insurance much more beguiling.

Multiple Entries

Super Visa Insurance can come with an availability for up to 10 years. This can come handy for citizens whose parents or grandparents plan to visit multiple times within the span of the policy’s availability. However, the duration of the total number of days cumulatively shall be limited up to twenty-four months.

Coverage Benefits

Super Visa Insurance is more than a normal travel insurance policy. As super visa insurance can be availed only by Canadian citizens for their parents or grandparents, which allows the policy to be less accessible but highly beneficial to the ones who do. The medical insurance, which would have to be availed fort he first year, will give you a coverage up to $ 100,000.

Multiple Visitors

Super Visa Insurance allows multiple visitors, that is, up to two parents and two grandparents who can be covered under a single policy. This means that qualifying the eligibility one time itself would allow multiple visitors, as mentioned above, to visit the applicant. Thus, you are saved from multiple processes which would have to be covered if opted for a regular travel insurance.

Refundability of premiums

One of the unique features of super visa insurance is that, if your claim towards the policy has been rejected, you would be allowed a refund of all your premiums that you paid. This ensures that the insured is not excepted from his rightful claim due to unfair reasons.