What Are the Requirements to Apply For a Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa Insurance is an extremely helpful travel insurance policy, and comes with benefits that exceed the scope of a general travel insurance policy. Super visa insurance brings a great opportunity for the people of Canada to reunite with their parents. Through a super visa insurance a person is eligible to visit their loved ones in Canada in anytime in the next 10 years, or as per the policy. But the cumulative visit period should not exceed 2 years' time.

There are many lenders one can opt from to avail a super visa insurance policy. Super visa insurance policy is issued by a federal agency. A broker or an agent can help you get a super visa insurance at ease and also getting you the best possible deal in the market. The application and approval process is not at finger tips, and one has to break some stones to make it to the super visa insurance policy holder's league.

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Super Visa Insurance, policy available in GTA is a government issued a policy with a perspective of reuniting Canadian residents with their parents and grandparents. Super Visa Insurance is a multiple entry visas, which can cover your parents as well as your grandparents within the same Insurance Plan.

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The following gives view on the application for a super visa insurance:

-An invitation letter needs to be sent by the residents of Canada, the host, to their parents or loved ones stating the purpose of future visits. A copy of this invitation letter is to be attached to the application. The invitation letter should also contain details regarding the accommodation of the visitor, and an undertaking the visitor shall be taken care of by the host.

-An emergency medical insurance for the immigrant, valid for a minimum 1 year period, and compulsorily from a Canadian insurance company. This medical insurance should cover emergency medical care, hospitalization and repatriation, and should provide a minimum cover of 100,000 CAD. This medical insurance needs to be valid at every point of entry into Canada and can be reviewed by a port officer.

The home country which the super visa insurance holder shall belong to, needs to be assessed for its stability and economic independence. The country’s ties with Canada are also assessed but it has little bearing in the decision making.

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