Buy and Sell Agreement

Buy and Sell Agreement brampton

Buy and Sell Agreement in Brampton

A Buy and Sell Agreement is for any sole proprietorship, partnership, or any other closed organizations. It enables you to provide a pre-determined formula for your business's future after your demise, disability or retirement. Co-owned businesses can be pre-planned to avoid any disagreement during separation or in the case of demise of one owner.Buy and Sell Agreement is one of our expertized products and we can help you make a fair deal with our valuation methods. Serving thousands of clients in Brampton,Mississauga for the past 2 decades, we can assist you in designing a complete Buy and Sell Agreement which will be legally binding between the co-owners. An agreement that states if a part-owner of a business wishes to sell, he or she must sell to the other part-owners or another person named in the agreement. The price of the part of the business is also named in the agreement.