Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance in Brampton, Mississauga & Etobicoke

If at a point you are not able to work, your financial commitments don’t just vanish. There is no prior indication of the probability of one being disabled. Disability Insurance, available in Brampton, Etobicoke & entire GTA, is designed with such uncertainty. Disability Insurance would help your family pay the mortgage payments and other bills while you are unable to work.

Disability Insurance can help ensure your pay cheque. Your inability to work can risk your family’s lifestyle and well-being. To safeguard your income Disability Insurance provides you a variety of options from which we can help you pick the right one for you. During your inability, you might even have to withdraw your regular savings, which might disrupt your future plans of retirement or child education. Disability Insurance, available in GTA, is a great way to protect your funds. break-content

How does Disability Insurance Work

If at a certain period you are disabled and are unable to earn an income, Disability Insurance can help replace a portion of your income. A disability can result for any reason, it might be sudden or of any degenerative condition. Disability Insurance is a type of coverage that will help you in such circumstances. Whether your disability is long-term or short-term, Disability Insurance can be helpful.

There are a few taxable as well as tax-free Disability Insurance plans in Brampton, GTA that one can avail. Disability Insurance can replace 60% to 85% of your annual income. There are many sources from where you can receive disability benefits. But usually, they are interrelated and make sure that your cumulative benefits do not go past your regular income.

Even if you have medical problems, don’t assume you cannot be insured. Be aware that it’s possible to be accepted for life insurance but declined for disability insurance.

How can one determine how much coverage is required?

-Determine your future expenses and current lifestyle, decide how much are you willing to cut back.
-Analyze how many people depend on your income, their future necessities, and other obligations.
-Calculate all your loan payments and the other savings if any, which could cover a few expenses.
-Any potential property which can help you pay other expenses

All the above factors are to be taken into consideration while picking a good Disability Insurance Plan for you.


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