Estate Planning

Estate Planning Insurance in Brampton

If you think you do not have an estate, you’re wrong. Nearly everyone has their own estate. No matter how small or large, how old or new, everyone needs to plan their estate. It’s never too early, you think it’s too much effort? It’s not necessary now, there’s time? Well, you are wrong. Everyone who has a Life Insurance needs to have an Estate Planning Insurance too. What’s the point of giving your beneficiaries a saved lump-sum when you can’t even give them your saved Estate?

Estate Planning Insurance is nothing but the pre-planned appropriation of assets to heirs and settlement of taxes to give them a hassle free present. Estate Planning allows you to put in place a lot of things even after your demise. We have had an experience of more than 10 years of providing Estate Planning Insurance to our  customers and can help them design the right Estate Plan suiting their needs.

Let us Understand What Your Estate Includes

Everything you own at the time of your death comprises in your “estate”. They could be:

Your automobiles,
Your jewelry or any artworks,
Your Real Estate,
Your Bank Accounts,
Your Stocks and other securities,
Your Life insurance policies,
Your furniture, etc.

How does Estate Planning help?

Regardless of your age, or the size and complexity of your estate, an estate plan can accomplish the following:

Advanced Estate Planning to Create a Legacy
Trusts can continue for more than hundred years. If you are well enough you can also ensure the well-being of your great-great-grandchild. Estate Planning does enable you to create an ongoing legacy and authorizing personals for ensuring it.

Keep Assets Safe and Secure
Want to have control of your assets even after your demise? You can ensure giving what you have at the time of your death to who you want to give. We expertise in Estate Planning in Mississauga and can help you have a reviewed Estate Plan to protect your assets even in the case of certain legal changes on inheritance.

Tax Benefit
Estate taxes can run higher than 40% in some cases. We can help you to ensure a well-crafted Estate Plan to minimize the tax collected on your Estate. You can also pay the taxes yourself to give prevent your heirs from having any legal hassle.

You can also plan the kind of medical care you wish to have in case of certain situations where you will not be able to make efficient decisions. Also, plan your own funeral arrangement and cover the required expenses.

Business Planning
You can assign your business to a key person or trustees to make sure everything is handled the way it was. It will not just help you save your business but ensure its well running too.

What Does Estate Planning Enable You to do?

Estate Planning empowers you to compose a complete set of instructions that are to be followed after your demise. It may include:

  • Authorizing an executor to make sure all the terms and conditions of the will are followed accordingly.
  • Writing a will to distribute and appropriate all the assets.
  • Planning annual gifting to reduce the taxable estate
  • Setting up durable power of attorney (POA) to direct other assets and investments
  • Creating beneficiaries for all Insurance Plans and other IRAS
  • Assigning guardians for all dependents
  • Include instructions for passing your values (religion, education, hard work, etc.) in addition to your valuables.

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