Money Back Life Insurance

Money Back Life Insurance in Brampton, Mississauga & Etobicoke

Having an experience, for over two decades, of providing Life Insurance Policies in Etobicoke & GTA the most frequently asked question we have come across is “What happens to our premiums if we survive the Life Insurance’s term”? Well in most cases like Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance there is an inbuilt cash value, thus they come under Money Back Life Insurance Policies. break-content Whole Life insurance gives you a guaranteed cash value, while Universal Life Insurance provides coverage as well as other Investment Options to the Insured. Term Life Insurance is one such Life Insurance which does not come under Money Back Life Insurance Policies. But, one can try for a customized Term Insurance Policy to enable Return of Premium Option and then have a Money Back Term Life Insurance Policy.

How Can You Have a Money Back Term Insurance Policy?

Customize a Term Insurance Policy to enable the Return of Premium (ROP) option. It might increase your monthly payments, but if you survive the term of the Life Insurance, you can avail a lump-sum including the entire amount. You can further continue your coverage by renewing it annually until you are 95 years of age. The monthly payment will not cross a pre-determined level in the Insurance Agreement. There is no limit involved in growing the lump sum which your beneficiaries will receive as a whole, usually tax-free.

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