Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance in Brampton, Mississauga & Etobicoke

In a case of any unfortunate circumstances like an accident, sickness, and unemployment resulting which you have to remain off work for more than a fixed deferred period (usually 30 days), your Mortgage Insurance Brampton will help you pay your Mortgage Premiums.

Your Mortgage Insurance premium is derived as a percentage of the value of the home which is financed by a mortgage. In simple words, if you pay 15% of the value of your home as the down payment, then your mortgage insurance premiums will be calculated as a percentage of 85% of the value of your home. We determine your Mortgage Insurance premium depending on two factors, i.e.,

1)The type of mortgage you opt for, and
2)The amount you offer as a down payment.
Being one of the most experienced Mortgage Insurance Broker in Brampton, we can assure you by helping you pick the right plan for you.

Do not confuse Homeowner’s Insurance with Mortgage Insurance. Homeowner’s Insurance or Property Insurance protects you from any damage to property, but Mortgage Insurance protects you from losing your mortgage payments in case of any default in payment due to your inability to work.


There are many reasons why a Mortgage borrower opts for having a Mortgage Insurance in Brampton, GTA. Every individual is different having various situations and circumstances, it is advisable to have a good Insurance Broker to evaluate your need. However, the most common reasons for buying a Mortgage Insurance in GTA are:
-It’s Mandatory for Mortgage borrowers in Canada who pay less than 20% of the value of their home as down payment to purchase a Mortgage Insurance.

-Opting for Mortgage Insurance increases your chances of Homeownership.

-Most often, policies do not require an initial medical examination or blood screen to ensure an individual. It enables individuals with any pre-existing conditions to enable a mortgage insurance even if they are having trouble purchasing a term insurance policy.

Reasons for which our former customers in Brampton, GTA bought their Mortgage Insurance:

-There are unexpected expenses involved in buying a home. One may plan to have 20% as a down payment, but increasing taxes and unforeseen expenses related to home ownership can make it hard to pay their premiums. Having a Mortgage Insurance can avoid any default in payment in such circumstances.

-To avoid any financial constraint in the family due to any unforeseen circumstances and to have a peaceful mind and ensuring a fully paid Mortgage.

-Not just the home-ownership, but the particular house with its location and other features might be what one always wanted. But the house is now collateral for the mortgage. Losing the money you already paid and also the home can be avoided by opting for a Mortgage Insurance.

Purchasing a home can be very stressful and so can be finding a good Mortgage Insurance in GTA. Mortgage Insurance can have many options that you might be unaware of. It never hurts to know the best option for you, let us help you pick the right Mortgage Insurance for your requirements.