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Affordable Visitor Insurance in Brampton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke

Visitor insurance is highly recommended for anyone wanting to visit Canada. Since healthcare is not free for non-residents of the country, this insurance policy ensures you enjoy your stay and have peace of mind knowing that your medical needs are covered.

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What is Visitor Insurance?

Visitor insurance is a type of short-term health insurance plan for foreign individuals looking to visit Canada. This plan can help protect you and your dear ones from the expensive medical costs in the country, in the event you require assistance for an accident, illness or injury.

The coverage usually includes visits to the doctor, hospitalization, emergency transportation, and even prescription drugs. It is important to bear in mind that visitor insurance is different from health insurance.

If you are looking to travel to Canada, be sure to purchase visitor insurance before your trip. To find out more information on visitor insurance Mississauga, you can count on Harpreet Puri to assist with any queries that you may have.

How does Visitor Insurance Work?

For instance, if you have suffered an unfortunate accident such as a broken leg, or fallen severely ill and need to be transferred to the nearest hospital, this plan will cover the above-mentioned. However, it depends on the policy owner’s level and type of coverage chosen to determine what is included and excluded.

The plan covers illnesses, sicknesses, injuries, emergency medical assistance, repatriation, surgery, and much more. It is highly recommended to do your due diligence and review every detail as each plan varies. Keep in mind, visitor insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, maternity care, and treatment for pre-existing medical conditions.

Who can apply for Visitor Insurance?

  • International students attending school or university in Canada.
  • Foreign workers and individuals with a work permit.
  • New residents who plan on staying permanently in Canada.
  • Parents or grandparents who frequently visit their loved ones.
  • Canadians who have spent a significant amount of time away from the country. For example, if they have spent more than six months away from the country, their Canadian government health insurance may have lapsed.

For an individual to successfully obtain a visitor visa, they must:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in good health
  • Have no immigration-related and criminal charges
  • Not persuade an immigration officer that they have ties such as a job, home or financial assets in Canada.
  • Have enough proof of funds to stay in the country
  • Convince the immigration authorities that they will leave the country before the insurance expires.
  • Complete a medical exam, including receiving a letter of invitation from someone living in Canada.

Visitor Insurance benefits:

  • Medical coverage is provided for new accidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Medical coverage is provided during travel
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency services provided like surgery and hospitalization

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If I decide to leave for your home country earlier than expected, can I cancel the plan?

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Yes, you can purchase visitor insurance even when you are outside the country, as long as you buy the plan before the start of your trip. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase a visitor insurance policy for others like your parents, grandparents etc.

After receiving treatment, you can file a claim with the company by filling out a form and submitting it to the insurance company. Once the claim is verified and approved, the insurance company will reimburse the payment. You can find the contact number on the documents to help with your claims process.

Generally, it does not affect your visitor insurance, it is unlikely for one to experience a travel advisory during your trip.