How is Super Visa Insurance Different From Travel Insurance

Super Visa Insurance Brampton

Technically, Super Visa Insurance is simple a Travel Insurance for visitors to Canada. But due to a few differences in legalities, requirements, and procedures, Super Visa Insurance is different from the general Travel Insurance. One of the major differences is that Travel Insurances are issued by regular insurance providers while Super Visa Insurance is designed and issued by the Federal Government. However, you can avail a Super Visa Insurance from any nearby Insurance provider associated with the government. Let’s look at other major differences between Super Visa Insurance and Travel Insurance in Canada.


Ensure All Under One Policy

Super Visa Insurance allows you to provide coverage to both your parents and both your grandparents under a single policy. This provides you an advantage of not filing different applications and clearing their conditions each. As in case of other travel insurance policies, each visitor has to apply for different policies. There are chances where a few applicants can be eligible for cheaper insurances compared to others due to specific tenures and plans. But in case of Super Visa Insurance, a parent can visit on a particular month and the other parent on another month and still can be covered by the same policy.



Here the child of the parent or the grandchild of the grandparent is the applicant. The host has to apply and declares to provide all facilities to the visitors. While in case of other travel insurance policies, the visitor is the applicant. Under Super Visa Insurance, the visitors have an option for multiple visits to Canada within the same policy.



The applicant, who is the host has to clear certain requirements such as a minimum income level depending upon the number of dependents in Canada and the number of visitors. Also, the visitors are required to clear a requirement of having a positive status in their host country and are fully intending to return back. In case of travel insurance, no such requirements are needed.



Under Sper Visa Insurance the visitors are insured prior to their arrival. Which means that the insurance is to applied and cleared before departing their home country. Also, the visitors have to purchase a Medical Insurance with a validity up to one year from a Canadian Insurer providing a coverage of $100,000. While when it comes to opting for a general Travel Insurance, it can be availed at any time, even after arriving in Canada.



Under Super Visa Insurance it is mandatory for the host i.e, the applicant to be a citizen of Canada. Only a Canadian citizen can apply for a Super Visa Insurance, if not Travel Insurance becomes the only option. In case of Travel Insurance, anybody can apply and qualify for it. Thus a Super Visa Insurance is to be availed before the visit and require well-qualified applicants but provides great benefits. While other Travel Insurances can be availed anytime before or during the visit and require fewer legalities.