Super Visa Insurance Experts- Harpreet Puri Canadian LIC

Super Visa Insurance Experts- Harpreet Puri Canadian LIC

In 2011, the Canadian government created an insurance plan known as Super Visa to help the permanent residents and citizens reunite with their parents and grandparents from their home country. It is a multi-entry visa that can cover your parents or grandparents in the same policy. Valid for up to ten years, the visitor can stay for a maximum of two years, unlike a normal travel vis where they can last for only six months at a time.

Super Visa Requirements

The applicant (parent or grandparent) must fulfill specific criteria to be eligible for Super Visa. For instance, they must provide a letter of invitation from their host, i.e., children or grandchildren, to the Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC), including financial proof meeting the required income levels and evidence that they will take care of applicants financially during their stay in the country. The applicant must also have purchased medical insurance from a recognized Canadian insurance company with a minimum validity of one year from the date of travel to be eligible for Super Visa insurance.

An integral part of traveling to Canada

When traveling to Canada, it is vital to purchase emergency health insurance as healthcare is not cheap; it is also for them to have coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions. It can also become a nightmare if you purchase the wrong insurance policy and decide to claim your trip. A professional and expert insurance advisor like Harpreet Puri from Canadian LIC can help you give the right insurance advice and choose the right insurance plan to suit your specific needs. They can also help you avoid paying more than you should for an insurance plan, including making you spot an essential detail in the policy document, which you usually might miss.

Harpreet Puri gives you the freedom to compare many plans from Many Companies, so that you can choose the best policy available out there. When you apply for Super Visa insurance, you can rest assured knowing that Harpreet Puri has extensive knowledge in SuperVisa insurance, which guarantees you are getting the right insurance policy.

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