Super Visa Insurance Kitchener

Super Visa Insurance Kitchener

Super visa insurance offers coverage of more than $100,000 on a range of medical conditions for your parents and grandparents who have come for a visit. Contact Harpeet Puri Insurance Inc for more details. We are a long-standing insurance firm serving clients in Kitchener and the surrounding areas. We look forward to serving you for all your Super Visa Insurance Kitchener

Let’s know about Super Visa Insurance Kitchener

Let’s start by talking a bit about Super Visa. Super Visa allows visitors from another country generally parents and grandparents of the host to stay in Canada for two years after which it has to be renewed whereas a normal Visa’s validity period is only 6 months. Now, coming to Super Visa Insurance, this is an insurance plan which offers medical coverage for medical emergencies for your parents or grandparents who are visiting. These emergencies can be car accidents, cardiac arrest, pneumonia and many more. A Super Visa Insurance Kitchener gives you complete peace of mind in terms of medical expenses if there is such an emergency. It also covers health issues related to diabetes. Make your dear ones’ stay as stress-free and apply for Super insurance today. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way to make the entire process as seamless as possible. Give us a call to resolve any issues you might have.

The applications need to provide proof that they have private emergency medical insurance valid for a minimum of 1 year, from a Canadian insurance company and that it:

  • Covers emergency medical care
  • Hospitalization and repatriation
  • provides a minimum coverage of $100,000


    • Super Visa Insurance - Rate Comparison

    • Criteria you (the host) are required to fulfill

      Citizenship To apply for a Super Visa Insurance

      The host is required to be either a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada

      Minimum Necessary Income/ Low Income Cut-off

      An important criteria to apply for Super Visa Insurance in Etobicoke, is that, the Host needs to have a sound financial situation for consecutive three years prior to the application, for which you will have to include a notice of assessment by the CRA. Financial eligibility is calculated considering the family size. As it's often been misunderstood and miscalculated, we would like to help you in understanding the term "family size" under Super Visa Insurance in Etobicoke. It is calculated including:

      a) The Host (the child who's Parents/Grand-Parents are visiting),

      b) The Spouse of the Host,

      c) The Host's dependents who live in Canada, and

      d) The Visitors (all who have applied to be covered by Super Visa Insurance)

      This gives you the total "family size" under Super Visa Insurance subject to which you are required to fulfill the minimum necessary income. We would be glad to help you with any further guidance that you may need.

      Invitation Letter

      A positively framed invitation letter from the host (child) whose parents are planning to visit Canada is one of the main documents included in the application for Super Visa Insurance. Identity proof and other mandatory legal documents are to be mentioned in the letter. It is a very critical aspect of Super Visa Insurance. An application for Super Visa Insurance will not be allowed if an Invitation letter is not involved. Call Harpreet Puri for all your super visa insurance in Etobicoke now!


      It is necessary for the Host availing Super Visa Insurance to file an Affidavit of Support or a Statutory Declaration that he/she are designated and willing to provide support to his/her parents/grand-parents.

      Admissibility to Canada

      The Visitors must be admissible to Canada, i.e., should not have any criminal record or any other such dismissive situation to apply for Super Life Insurance.

      Purpose of the Visit

      The purpose of the visit should be made clear, and it should also specify that they are here for a temporary stay and do not plan to be permanent residents. This step carry high weightage in the eligibility criteria.

      Medical Insurance Coverage

      There are three most important aspects of this condition
      a) The Medical Insurance should be bought only from a Canadian Insurance Company
      b) It must provide coverage of minimum $100,000
      c) It should be valid for up to one year, beginning from the date on which they enter Canada
      d) It has to be bought before beginning the application process
      We'd be pleased to help you avail a medical coverage with the above specifics, as we are contended having 20 years of practice providing Medical Insurance online.

      Status of Home Country

      The application for Super Visa Insurance should specify if the Home country, the country from which the visitors are departing, is in a positive economic and social situation. It is to show that the purpose of visiting is not to get away from the home country, but clearly visiting their child or grandchild.

      Parent's ties with the Home Country

      The Visitor having good relations with their Home Country is essential as it shows a position of positive social and political bond. A few matters you could touch upon are:

      Circumstances, where the visitors have dependents to take care of in their home country is favorable, as it gives a reason for the visitor's non-permanent stay.

      . Positive relation with the family and society in the Home Country.
      . Size of the household and property in the Home Country to show their well-being

      In short, none of the mentioned situations should portray the purpose of traveling to Canada is to split from the Home Country.

      IME (Immigrant Medical Examination)

      An Immigrant Medical Examination has to be taken by every Visitor who applies for Super Visa Insurance. The IME can be taken either prior or during the application process from the Visitors home country. From our familiarity with the process, we would suggest you complete your IME on the beforehand to assist a quick process.

      Super Visa Medical Insurance

      Have diabetes? Nothing to worry about even if you are travelling to places far and wide. Just follow the simple tips stated below to make your stay tension free!

      Key Aspects of Super Visa Insurance Kitchener

      Some requirements that you need to fulfill:

      Before applying for Super Visa Insurance, you have to check if you meet the criteria to apply for the same. Have a look below to understand the terms and conditions.

      Criteria for your parents and grandparents (visitors)

      • They should not have a criminal record which may bar them from entering Canada
      • They should make it clear they do not seek permanent residence in the country and are only here for a temporary stay
      • They should have medical insurance which should be from a Canadian Medical Insurance company with a minimum coverage of $100,000 and a validity of one year. You will be pleased to know that we offer medical insurance as well
      • They should specify the economic and social situation of their home country in the application and declare that they are coming to Canada to get away from their home country
      • They should have a positive social and political relationship with their home country. This means they should be in good terms with their family living in their home country
      • They should pass the Immigrant Medical Insurance test

      Criteria for you (host)

      • You should be a permanent resident of Canada
      • You should provide all financial documents of the previous three years as proof that you have a stable income and can take care of the cost of living during your parents’ and grandparents’ stay
      • A formal invitation letter should be drafted with identity proof and other legal documents
      • You also have to file an affidavit that states you are financially capable of supporting your parent and/or grandparents.

      With our extensive experience and skill, the advisors at Harpreet Puri can help you with the application to ensure a speedy and hassle-free process.


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