Super Visa Insurance Richmond Hill

Super Visa Insurance in Richmond Hill

Getting a Super Visa for your parents or grandparents means that they can enter Canada for the next 10 years without facing any problems from the Visa department and can stay for a stretch of 2 years without ant renewals. Your parents/ grandparents spent a good amount of quality time with you and your family without being worried about getting deported. On top of getting a Super Visa, if you can get an insurance Visa on that it can relieve you from the stress of their medical expenses as well. Super Visa insurance covers a wide range of medical conditions such as cardiac arrest kidney failure and respiratory problems for your parents.

Medical emergencies do not come with warning signs and god forbid, if your parents/grandparents are diagnosed with a condition at least you will not have to worry about expenses and you can concentrate on more serious matters such as getting the best treatment possible for them. Contact Harpreet Puri today to apply for Super Visa Insurance for your loved ones. We serve clients in Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas.

Criteria for applying for Super Visa Insurance

Both the host and the visitors have to fulfil some requirements before they can apply for Super Visa Insurance. Read on to find out what criteria we are talking about.

Criteria for the host:

  • The host should be a permanent Canadian citizen
  • He or she should be financially stable and declare that they can support they can financially support their parents or/and grandparents during their stay
  • An invitation letter should be drafted by the host with necessary documents such as ID proof and legal documents

Criteria for the visitors (Parents and grandparents)

  • They should not have a criminal record
  • They should make it clear that they are only visiting Canada and do not seek a permanent resident ship
  • They should have a $100K medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company and should be valid for a minimum of one year
  • They should declare that they have a positive social and political relationship with their home country and their home country itself should have a stable economic and political state.
  • They must pass the Immigrant Medical Test

Super Visa Insurance covers

  • Abdominal pain
  • Respiratory failure
  • Heart attack
  • Car accident
  • Pneumonia


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