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Super Visa Insurance for customers in Vaughan

If your parents or grandparents hold a regular Visa while living in Canada, you might be knowing the hassle they face as they would have to renew their Visa every 6 months just to stay for another six. Well, Super Visa is a long-term, solution for that. Contact Punjab Insurance Inc for further details, we look forward to hearing from you. We offer insurance on the Visa as well which has additional benefits.

What is Super Visa Insurance?

Let’s talk about Super Visa first. It is a long-term, multiple-entry visa for parents and grandparents for permanent residents of Canada. Someone who is holding a Super Visa can live in Canada for a maximum period of 2 years at one stretch and the Visa itself has a validity of 10 years.

Now, coming to the insurance part of it. Super Visa Insurance covers a wide range of medical conditions. This includes conditions such as pneumonia and abdominal pain to severe cases such as cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. If your parents/ grandparents need urgent medical treatment, Super Visa Insurance can take care of the medical expenses whilst you can take care of your dear ones without worrying about anything else. If you have any queries, feel free to contact Punjab Insurance Inc. We serve in Vaughan and the surrounding areas.

Some criteria

When applying for Super Visa and Super Visa Insurance, both the host and the visitor/s have to meet some criteria.

Criteria for the visitor/s

  • They should not have a criminal record in their country
  • They should have medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 with a validity of 1 year from a Canadian company
  • They should have a positive social and political relationship with their home country
  • They should pass the immigrant Medical examination
  • They should declare that they are only visiting Canada for a period and do not seek permanent residence

Criteria for the host

  • The host should be a permanent resident of Canada
  • The host must have a stable income with necessary proof that they can support their parents or grandparents financially during their stay. An affidavit stating the same must be submitted
  • An invitation letter should be submitted with mandatory legal documents and identity proof


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