Travel Insurance Burlington

Travel insurance Burlington

Medical emergency doesn’t come with a warning sign and that is one of the reasons you should take travel insurance if you are going outside Canada for a while. You might be asking that you already have health insurance, then why should you need travel insurance? Well, the insurance that you have is valid in Canada and maybe can pay for partial medical expenses outside the country. This means you would have to pay a lot out of your pocket. A travel insurance covers all expenses. For further details, call Harpreet Puri at Punjab Insurance.

What our travel insurance covers?

Our travel insurance plans are customizable as per your requirements. You can choose separate plans or go all the all-exclusive plane which has all the benefits. This includes:

  • Baggage insurance: If your baggage is damaged or worse, stolen during your trip, it will be covered in this policy. However, this insurance does not cover carry-on items and has limited or no coverage for hotels and cruises
  • Trip cancellation: Provides coverage if you have to cancel your trip for an unexpected event such as injury to you or any family member or your travel companion
  • Single trip insurance: Most of the time general medical insurance covers all your medical expenses when you are in Canada but if you are travelling abroad, then it may not be the case. Which means you will have to pay for everything by yourself. This policy covers all emergency medical expenses abroad. If there’s any medical emergency, if you have this policy then you won’t have to worry about expenses
  • Multi-trip insurance: This is the all-inclusive package with some additional benefits. In addition to emergency medical insurance and baggage insurance, this policy offer coverage for delayed baggage and cancellation of the tour operator. And did we mention that it has a validity of one year? Yes, you read it right and if you apply for this plan, you won’t need to apply for any more travel insurances every time you go abroad within a single year

We serve customers in Burlington and the surrounding areas.

What else?

Well, we offer other types of travels insurances such as a visitor to Canada insurance and Student medical insurance. These are very beneficial for those who are coming to this country to stay with a family member for some time or to pursue higher studies. If you have any queries, feel free call us

Medical conditions our travel insurance covers:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Car accident
  • COPD
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Pneumonia
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