Travel Insurance Coverage Options by Harpreet Puri

Non-urban medical policies do not actually apply to expensive medical emergency costs outside Canada. These costs are generally financially overwhelming for citizens. For millions of Canadians, comprehensive emergency travel coverage has become an important part of their holiday plans. A Travel Insurance plan offers assurance that any unexpected medical emergency costs are covered so that you can travel without worries.

Even when traveling outside your locality of residence within Canada, some medical and paramedical expenses may only be partially covered by your provincial health insurance program. There are several insurance policies available that are suited for all persons irrespective of you travel frequently or occasionally. Depending on your needs, you can opt for Travel Insurance coverage at Harpeet Puri on a daily or annual basis.

Supplementary Coverage Options for Travel Insurance in Etobicoke near Brampton

In addition to the emergency hospital and medical coverage facilities, Travel Insurance, available in Etobicoke near Brampton, Harpeet Puri can offer the choice of Flight Accident Coverage, Trip Cancellation and/or Trip Interruption and Baggage Insurance. It can be bought as a Multi-trip annual plan or Single Trip plan too. By purchasing an All-Inclusive Package one can take advantage of combined discounted rates.

Baggage Insurance

Your baggage / personal belongings can be damaged, stolen or lost any time, anywhere in the world. Homeowners or renters insurance may provide limited benefits or have a high deductible. Travel Insurance plans offered Harpeet Puri cover your baggage’s and personal belongings too.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

The aforesaid Travel Insurance plan offers coverage if your trip is canceled, interrupted or delayed for a specific reason listed in the policy, such as an unexpected event or an injury to you, a family member, or traveling companion.

Single Trip Insurance

The Single Trip Travel Insurance can provide security to you and your family while you are engaged in your traveling adventures. These policies offer coverage for unforeseen emergency medical expenses while you are out of your province of residence. Health care costs outside your province can be financially burdening as hospitals can charge thousands of dollars daily. As your resident province may offer partial or no coverage for these charges, you and your family would be responsible for the high costs.

Multi-Trip Insurance

This particular Travel Insurance coverage plan allows for the insured to make as many trips during a one-year period without having to buy insurance every time he/she travels outside your home province. This removes the burden of having to purchase coverage for last minute business trips or a surprise weekend getaway.

All-inclusive Package

The aforesaid Travel Insurance plan combines emergency hospital /medical insurance for Canadians as well as the trip cancellation and interruption coverage. As these policies are bought in combination, you get savings on great coverage.

The above plan also includes coverage for delayed baggage, cancellation by the tour operator (for any reason other than default), accidental death & dismemberment, flight accident, and lost or damaged baggage and personal effects. Hope this article threw some light on the range of Travel Insurance plans offered at Harpeet Puri.