Why is travel insurance a must?

travel insurance

Travelling to a new destination? What have you done to ensure yourself against the unexpected?

Taking a tour across the Mediterranean or making a bee line for the pizzas in Italy has been a dream for most of us. When those tickets get printed, our excitement goes beyond the roof. But there a lot of times this can turn sour. There have been multiple cases of people finding themselves in sticky spots during a vacation. How can you prevent yourselves from getting caught off guard thousands of miles away from home? With a travel insurance plan!

How can travel insurance help you?

• Protect you against medical emergencies
• Trip cancellation or missed flight protection
• Baggage issues
• Other dangers

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Medical emergencies and related treatments can cost a lot of money abroad and all the saving you had done could vanish in a poof if you haven’t taken travel insurance. You don’t want to deal with a hefty bill when you are so far away from home! You can’t even completely rely on your health insurance form your residence.

Cancelled trips, flights and missing a connecting flight are usually not refunded and can cause you to lose a lot of money. Travel insurance can help you get reimbursed for your loss with ease. Imagine having to wait for the next flight after missing your connection and having to pay for a new ticket all over again. If you add this rider to your travel insurance, you won’t have to!

Everyone has heard of baggage loss and theft and even damage to items in the bag. You could lose your valuables and even your passport. Seeking assistance in an unknown place is hard. However, with Travel insurance you can be protected against this.

Travel insurance is handy even in extreme situations such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks making it a must have on any trip you take whether it is to a neighboring country or continent!

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