Which Mortgage Insurance Plan is Best for me? – Harpreet Puri

Which Mortgage Insurance Plan is Best for me? – Harpreet Puri

Does your current mortgage insurance plan provide what you need? Most Canadians fail to read the fine print in their mortgage insurance plan at the time of purchase. Were you aware that there are various types of mortgage insurance plans that provide better coverage and flexibility? Don’t just purchase a traditional mortgage plan that only covers the balance on your mortgage; Harpreet Puri can help you identify an insurance plan that not only covers you but also protects your family at an affordable cost.

Choose a mortgage insurance plan that caters to your individual needs

Even individuals with pre-existing medical conditions can purchase a mortgage insurance policy. A mortgage insurance plan can also help the policyholder avoid default payment in certain circumstances where the policy owner has suffered an accident, leaving them temporarily or permanently disabled to work. It also gives your family peace of mind knowing the burden does not fall on them to pay off the outstanding debts.

You may be unaware of plenty of options as the applicant; Harpreet Puri can educate you on the best options available out there and help you make a well-informed decision by choosing the right insurance mortgage insurance policy to suit your specific needs.

Pay off your mortgage premiums without any stress

Due to sickness, an accident, you have to remain off work for a certain period. You may find it difficult to pay your mortgage premiums, and it can cause a lot of stress financially and emotionally for you and your loved ones. A mortgage insurance plan will help pay your mortgage premiums, ensuring you remain stress-free and focus on recovering or until you get a recover.

Take control of your mortgage insurance plan!

Below-mentioned is things you must keep in mind when choosing a mortgage insurance plan:

  • You have the freedom to select the beneficiary to receive the death benefit.
  • Ensure your heirs have the flexibility to use the death benefit in any way they deem fit.
  • It must protect your family in case of your demise.
  • It protects your family from the financial impact of your suffering from a critical illness.
  • Ensures your coverage is even if you decide to change lenders and move houses.

Being one of Brampton’s most reputable insurance brokers, Harpreet Puri can advise and help you pick the right mortgage insurance plan. For further inquiries, call at