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Super Visa Insurance was introduced to reduce the back log and repeated waits the parents had to go through every time they wish to visit their sons and daughters. While a regular visa would give a parent only up to 6 months of stay in Canada, super visa insurance here would give you a stay up to 2 years, which can be accessed and covered within a span of 10 years with multiple visits.

In simple words, for All parents and grand-parents of Canadian Citizens living in another country and are looking forward on having multiple uninterrupted and hassle free visits to Canada, Super Visa Insurance is a must.

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Canadian Citizens with Parents Living Outside Canada

One of the basic requirements for applying for a Super Visa Insurance is that, the individual whose parents are visiting should be a Permanent Resident in Canada. Hence all permanent residents with parents outside Canada need to apply for a Super Visa Insurance right away.

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Having Multiple Trip Possibilities (Long Term Visa Requirement)

Applying for a single visa too can be quite a hassle. When you are aware of your parents or grand-parents are going to be paying you multiple visits within a span of 10 years at many celebrative occasions, it is better to apply immediately. One of the most efficient features of this policy is that, it need not be reapplied and you need not be skeptic about your visa.

As discussed above a single visa too can be quite a hassle. While applying for multiple people it can more tedious, as all applications could have a varied result in terms of approval of tenure or even approval. But under Super Visa Insurance, simply once policy can cover both your parents as well as both your grand-parents. It does not matter if they visit together or not. They all can carry the same visa during all their trips.

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