Why are Monthly Plans more Important for Super Visa Insurance?

Why are Monthly Plans more Important for Super Visa Insurance?

Monthly plans for Super Visa insurance can be highly convenient. It helps visitors to Canada purchase quality emergency medical coverage they need with easy monthly payments. You can easily qualify for monthly payments if you buy a super visa insurance policy for more than 180 days, and the minimum insurance amount should be around $100,000. The initial premium (a sum of two months) collected will be applied to the end of the monthly payment schedule. On the starting date of the policy, equal monthly payments will be taken from the credit card used at the time of purchase. You will be pleased to know that pro-rated refunds are available less the applicable administration fees as per the policy wording.

Let’s talk about Super Visa Insurance.

The federal government introduced this policy in 2011, intending to reunite family members who are living abroad. It allows grandparents and parents of naturalized Canadian citizens and permanent residents of the country to visit Canada on a multiple-entry visa that allows them to stay here for up to two years at a time. More than 17,000 people have received Super Visa every year under this policy. The program had been very popular with visitors from India, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The super visa requires that applicants (and travelers) have proof of emergency medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. Each policy must have a minimum sum insured of $100,000 for hospitalization, personal healthcare, and repatriation and be valid for a minimum of one year.

Refunds on the monthly plan

If your Super Visa application is declined, There will be no charges to you! You should inform the insurance company that your visa has been declined. You have to provide proof that you been refused Super Visa by sending All pages of Pasport and Letter from the Canadian Ambasy If you need to return before the 12-month expiration date of the policy, and provided that no claims have been made, the monthly payment will be stopped. You should know that refunds must be requested before the effective date (before the date of entry into Canada if requesting a full refund of paid monthly Payment or before the policy’s expiry date for a partial refund) if Paid in full.

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