Is it worth taking critical illness cover?

critical illness insurance

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Critical illnesses could hamper your daily lifestyle in ways it may be hard to recover from without proper coverage! But is critical illness cover worth it? What does it cover and how can it help you?

Critical illnesses are many and treatment, while available, may not always get you back on your feet. Providing for a family or covering your medical costs could empty whatever savings you have and even push you into debt. It is scary to think but it is unfortunately the truth of many who did not buy critical illness insurance cover at the right time!

Most employers in Canada offer coverage in the form of employee insurance but that is usually never enough for most of the critical illnesses. Worker’s compensation, medical coverage with the government plans rarely cover such diseases. These factors have made critical illness cover a must have for most Canadian citizens!

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How does critical illness insurance work?

Critical illness insurance covers critical illnesses. You search your insurance cover of choice and start paying premiums according to your plan. If you are diagnosed with a critical illness insurance, you can claim a payout.

This payout can be used however you see fit. It can be used to cover mortgage payments, give your family a normal life and lessen the burden of expenses on them or you can use them to facilitate your recovery with medical treatment paid for by the payout.

The payout is received in one lump sum payment. It is advised that your critical illness insurance be based on medical history and possible diseases which can affect you. Your insurance cover is in your hand and how you let your illness affect you can be changed with it!

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Critical insurance covers all the illnesses specified by you when getting the cover. Most plans cover the following illnesses:

  • Neurological conditions
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Heart related issues

The policy can be specified according to your needs. Planning critical illness insurance cover should be done with lot of thought. The pay out occurs only if the definition of your disease matches the one present in the policy. The payout is made only once.

Is it worth getting critical illness cover?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. Diseases can affect anyone at any time. Having a security such as critical illness insurance cover can help you and your family maintain your lifestyle and also get a shot at treatments.

  • Numerous diseases are covered
  • Large payout
  • Timely assistance
  • Peace of mind

These are just some of the benefits of getting a critical insurance cover. Even if you have a employee plan, make sure you are really covered for all such diseases. Being safe rather than sorry is a great policy and critical illness cover helps you do just that!

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